Sunday, November 29, 2020

NYC Men's Party Update: NOV 29, 2020

I have postponed all of my events to help keep everyone health.
- Because Covid19 numbers are rising in New York again Governor Cuomo issued new Covid restrictions stating that private indoor event must limit attendance to ten persons or less; and close by 10pm starting Fri, Nov 13, 2020.
- I will restart hosting parties at the Rainbow Playground when it is safe to do so and NYC allows private indoor events of 50 men or less again.
- I miss seeing all the friendly men at my parties but this is the time for all of us to keep our horny butts at home and stay safe.   

I will schedule a Virtual Party so everyone can use their left and right hands to get off safely at home. (Looking for a few hung Top, Vers studs and "eye candy" bottom exhibitionists to perform for a group voyeurs on my list. 

Hiring men with painting, carpentry or construction skills to do some  repairs and upgrades at the venue while it is temporarily closed. Men working in the venue will be assigned a specific area of the venue to work in so everyone can socially distance an remain safe. Masks, gloves, disposal painter suits and goggles will be provided. Shoot me an email with your name and cell number. Include the dates/ times that you are available to work. 

I am taking this down time to plan make our ReOpening Party a fully loaded - four day event for men on my list Shoot me an email of with your adult fantasy, fetish, adult entertainment ideas ..and I'll do my to pack all of it into four separate theme night. Keep is simple. I can't host anything extreme parties and performers/ men at the parties must wear a mask.
- Men on our email list can check their inbox to RSVP to be one of 50 friendly men per night to attend the ReOpening - 4 Day Party Weekend coming up. This will be an invite only event. Men that caused problems during our September - November 12, 2020 events are not invited or welcomed.
- The exact party date may be Fri, Jan 22, 2021, or earlier, depending on when NYC allows venues to host private indoor for 50 people or less and stay open past 10pm again.
- PERFORMERS/ SPANISH SPEAKING STAFF NEEDED: Hiring performers in leather and other fetish gear and Spanish speaking each night.
- 9+ HUNG TOP PERFORMERS: Need fit, slim, 9+hung escort/ Onlyfans Tops to drill twelve "eye candy" bottoms in the sling each night.
- LIVE DJ: Ned a DJ that can spin a hot mix of Tribal, R&B, House, Pop and Latin mixxxes to entertain a diverse group of men on my list. Shoot me an email with links to your SoundCloud or online mixes.

- FACE MASK, ID, temperature checks, age 21+ required to enter our Private Men's Group events.  
- Wear a surgical style face mask with ear straps. Your mask must cover your nose and mouth and nose. 
- You must keep your MASK ON while inside open areas of the venue IF you want to stay inside the venue. 
- Men that take their masks off, or don't wear their mask over their nose and mouth, will be told to leave the party! No more warnings will be given. Staff has been instructed to strictly enforces mask rule!
- Oral only allowed inside private/ glory hole room with door closed. 
- DO not attend the party if you are not feeling well or have Covid or cold symptoms. 
- PLAY SMART!  Sanitize hands. Avoid kissing and touching your face and eyes or the face and eyes of others.  Choose positions that aren't face-to-face during hookups. 
- Clothes check, c/l, video lounge, backroom, 2 restrooms, glory hole rooms, private rooms.

I will restart hosting events when it is safe to do so in a safe in a responsible manner.  My goal is to continue hosting hot events for Black, Latin, Asian, White, MiXXXed MEN of all flavas to meet, mingle and get off in a safe, welcoming environment.   THANKS to the men that showed up with their mask to attend our October 1 thru Nov 12, 2020 events. Stay safe.

Promotions Manager
MilkChocolateNYC Men's Interracial Play Party

The Rainbow Private Men's Group space temporarily closed again on Fri, Nov 13, 2020 due to new Covid19 restrictions. All events have been postponed. The venue will reopen when Governor Cuomo allows private indoor for 50 people or less again and when it is safe to do so.  The hours for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoons will be published when the venue reopens.  Mask and ID will be required to enter.  Attendance will be limited to allow space for social distancing. EVERYONE must add their name to the RSVP List, or buy an advance ticket, to attend an event.  Also, everyone must abide by all of party safety rules. 

Paddles Fetish Club in Chelsea continues to be temporarily closed until further notice. New York City officials have not allowed clubs to reopen to host indoor events.    

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