Sunday, July 5, 2020

NYC Men's Parties Return - July 20, 2020

We hope to restart hosting parties on July 20, 2020 when New York City starts Phase 3 and allows clubs/ venues to re-open.  Men on our email list can check their inbox for details.   

The Rainbow Playground Club in Queens, and Paddles in Chelsea, continue to be temporarily closed.   HOPEFULLY both clubs will be allowed to re-open on July 20, 2020.  

I am in the process of locating a loft/ venue, with an outdoor area, to host small group sessions in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan or New Jersey until Paddles and Rainbow Playground Club can re-open.  Anyone that knows of a suitable space can hit me up).  I will post a link for men to register for the party once I work out all the safety protocols to help keep everyone safe.

Recruiting like minded men to join me in my mission to continue hosting hot events for Black, Latin, Asian, White, MiXXXed MEN of all flavas can meet, mingle and get off in a safe, welcoming environment.   Until we "MEAT" up again.  Be kinder.  Be more supportive.  Protect and defend one another!  And Stay safe.

Cade Mens Interracial Play Party

I know these are trying times and that the past few months has been hard.  However, life is much harder every day for too Black and Brown men and women in our community simply because of the color of their skin.   With thousands protesting in New York, and across the country, against police brutality and for racial equality it is more important than ever that all of us vote out career politicians on both sides of the isle that have done little to better the lives of all Americans....and to vote for politicians that will create a Newer Deal where everyone in this country is treated equally. 

I haven't spoken about this subject before because I realized that most guys only want to hear about the next sex party coming up.   But I am more afraid of the negative results of inaction from too many of us, than I am of of any negative reaction from individuals that fail to see the inequalities that exists in America  just because they have never experienced it themselves.   

Encouraging men in New York to vote on June 23, 2020 in Democratic Primary; and men around the United States to vote on November 6, 2020 for positive changes. y

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