Friday, April 9, 2021

NYC Men's Party Update: April 9, 2021

Right now we expanding our schedule to host safe events for friendly men of al races, age 21+, on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday interracial events in Queens. It is mandatory that everyone abide by our event safety rules so we can remain open.
- Face Masks with ear straps, ID, cell phone number, temperature checks and friendly attitude required to enter our Private Men's Events.  (No scarves
- Event Hours: 6pm until 10pm for now. (Sunday hours are 2pm until 7pm)
- Member Cost: $25.
- Helper Tips: $1 - $2+ minimum helper tip/ clothes check fee goes to our helpers. These guys watch your stuff all night and keep the place clean.
- RelaXXXed Door at most events where friendly men of all races, age 21 - 59, are welcome. (Men age 60+ admitted with their Covid Vaccine Card).
- Contact Tracing: Cell number or ID number, first name and last initial, required for contact tracing purposes. Take a picture of your ID to show your phone if you don't want to bring your ID into the party. (The list is discarded after ten days)
- Clothes Check: Check all valuables, wallets, cell phones, smart watches with bright screens, back packs, fanny packs with in secured clothes check area. Numbered plastic bags are provided to store your stuff.
- No gum, drugs, smoking, vaping, outside beverages, street clothes, bags, fanny packs, back packs, cell phones, smart watches inside play areas.
- Attendance limited to allow space for social distancing. Reduced hours/ capacity for now. We will extend event hours after New York City allows venues to remain open beyond the current 11pm event operating hours restriction.


FRI, APRIL 9, 2021
Asian Meat/ Locker Room - Athletic Gear Event
Hosting this hot monthly interracial event for Asian/ Indian/ Pacific Islander men and friendly men of all races, age 21+, that dig Asian meat @ Rainbow Playground Club.
- Doors: 6PM until 10PM: $25.
- DRESS CODE - FRIDAYS: Men can wear athletic gear, gym shorts, any color tank top, long soccer socks, jockstraps, underwear, boxxers, briefs. Show some skin! Sweatpants with a tank top or shirtless and leather harness are OK.
- ADVANCE TICKETS: Fri, April 9, 2021 Tickets
- Or RSVP via Fri, April 9, 2021 - RSVP List... to attend and pay at the door. - Limited attendance/ reduced capacity for now. Arrive by 9:45pm. Men already inside the event will be able to hang out until 10:20pm.
- Advance ticket holders receive guaranteed entry the first hour.
- Show your PayPal payment receipt on your phone to enter.