Wednesday, May 13, 2020

NYC Men's Party Update - May 2020

MEN'S PARTY UPDATE - May 12, 2020:
All men's parties are still postponed due to the fact that New York City has closed most businesses during the Coronavirus crisis.  We hope to be able to re-start hosting parties after June 1, 2020 when the city's "shelter-in-place" order ends and conditions in NYC hopefully are better.  

The Rainbow Playground Club in Long Island City, Queens; and Paddles in Chelsea, will continue to be temporarily closed until May 31, 2020 while the city's "shelter-in-place" order is in effect. Check back updates on when these venues may re-open in June 2020 - after New York City gives approval for clubs to reopen.  In addition, all CumUnion events around the world have been temporarily postponed. 

Thanks to everyone that has sent emails, texts and phone calls!  Living in New York City is a little stressful right now but so far my staff and I are doing OK.  It does suck to stay inside and shelter in place, however, staying inside is a small inconvenience, when you consider that numerous individuals in our community, and around the world, continue to be impacted by the Coronavirus.   Hopefully the sacrifices that all of us making now by "sheltering in place" will result in the New York city venue/ businesses re-opening under a new normal - with social distancing and sanitizing efforts - to help keep everyone healthy and safe.  Please be safe and take care of yourself!    

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