Men's Party Rules

Our goal is to host events where friendly, mature, adult Gay men of all races, age 18 and over, can meet, mingle and get off with other MEN in a safe,  welcoming, drama- free and drug-free, environment.   Current, and new members, are required to abide by our common sense/ common courtesy rules of engagament

  • NO DRUGS/ NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES!  Guys that appear high/ drunk at the door will not be admitted or will be asked to leave the party. 
  • FUN/ FRIENDLY/ MATURE MEN WANTED:  Mature men, age 18 and over, that know how to play well with other men invited to join our Private Party List.   
  • PLAY HARD and SMART!  Tons of condoms at every party for your use but we do not play condom police for mature adult Gay men!
  • NO SMOKING!   (Poppers OK)
  • NO OPEN CELL PHONES/ CAMERAS INSIDE PARTY.  Check phones and all valuables in the clothes check area.   Anyone caught with a cell phone inside the party will be asked to leave. 
  • NO RUDE/ AGGRESSIVE/ HARRASSING BEHAVIOR: NO means NO the first time.  If a guy tells you /shows you he is not into hooking up, or tells you to STOP groping him,  get the message the first time and move on to the next hottie!   Males that continue to harass men at the party will be asked to leave the party and / or barred from attending future events. 
  • DON'T COCK BLOCK:  IF two guys are playing don't continue to push your way in where you are not wanted.  STOP is universally understood party safe word.  
  • RESPECT EACH OTHER:   If you're not into hooking up with a guy PLEASE say something like "Not a match guy" or No Thanks" or something that shows you have some common courtesy for your fellow Gay man.   
  • RESPECT THE VENUE:Put trash in trash cans...not on the floor.  And return hangars to clothes check   
  • NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES:  To avoid problems with tainted beverages we can not allow outside beverages inside the party.  The venue sells sodas/ bottled water for $3 so put a few bucks in your socks b4 securing your valuable in clothes check


Most of our parties have a Relaxed Door where fun/ friendly men of all races/ types are welcome.  Jocks/ twinks, average joe types/ daddys - the party has something for everyone!  


Fit men age 18 to fit 40s, and fit/ 8+ hung guys on the Hung List, admitted at the monthly Select Door events and special hotel parties.  Flash a fit bod at one of our weekly events to be added to the list.  

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